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What's New

Rocky Mountain Stone would like to introduce our new line of stone-Artisan Ledgestone. We are very excited to be launching this new line of stone in 2012.

Artisan Ledgestone provides an individual stone look with the ease of a modular (panel system) stone installation. These modular pieces provide an easy to install panel system so that anyone from new homeowners to seasoned installers can install Rocky Mountain Stone’s Artisan Ledgestone with ease. Artisan Ledgestone’s modular pieces create an installation system that does not require grout joints. The result is an installation that is both professional and elegant looking.

At Rocky Mountain Stone, we have made some changes in order to standardize our packaging, and to conform to industry standards.  All of our stone will now be figured with a ½” grout line.  That means if you are going to dry stack any of our styles, you will need to increase your orders by 10%-15% to ensure your have enough stone for your job.  Please know that you can still order Rocky Mountain Stone Products in any style, any amount, any color.

Rocky Mountain Stone Products is now offering two new Wall Caps! They are 14X30 and 18X30, both have chiseled edges with a smooth top. Order yours today!